The almost 8,000 flights emitted a total of 65.32 tons of CO2 (98% more than in the previous year), which results in an average of 8.2 tonnes of CO2 per kilometre, equivalent to 32,000 kilometres in a petrol car.

Faro remains the airport with the highest number of private jet flights, having registered 2,684 flights, with London being the main destination.

Lisbon and Porto are, respectively, in second and third place with 1,784 and 1,521 flights, with London being the main destination in both cases.

The number of private jet flights increased by 64% in Europe over the same period and CO2 emissions more than doubled, according to Greenpeace.

In 2022, reveals the NGO, France, United Kingdom and Germany led the chart of flights in private jets, with Nice (France), Paris and Geneva (Switzerland) being the three main destinations.