The Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute, I.P. (IHRU) will allocate, by drawing lots, 27 homes in various regions of the country, as part of the promotion of affordable rent, according to the Ministry of Housing.

"Applications opened on April 3, for housing types T1 to T5, located in Almada, Beja, Cascais, Lisbon, Montijo, Porto, Santarém, Santiago do Cacém, Vila Nova de Gaia and Vila Real", reads a note reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

In question, explains the Government, are lease contracts that are intended for "permanent housing".

"Houses will be randomly selected and households can apply for the properties until April 28, provided they meet the eligibility conditions of the Program and the requirements of the Notice of each Tender".

Interested parties can find more information here.

The government explains that "this initiative is part of the set of housing solutions made available by the Institute to guarantee access to housing for families that do not have an answer via the market".