Air Transat has launched its flight schedule for the summer, which includes increased connections between Portugal and Canada, with the airline expected to operate up to 18 direct flights per week, starting in early May.

According to a statement from the airline, which is represented in Portugal by ATR – Activities Turisticas and Representations, in addition to direct flights from Lisbon and Porto to Toronto and Montreal, the schedule also includes flights from Faro to Toronto.

“There will be up to 18 direct flights per week, including direct flights from Lisbon and Porto to Toronto and Montreal, and from Faro to Toronto, along with connecting flights to Quebec, Calgary and Vancouver,” says Air Transat, in a statement.

In the case of Lisbon, five flights a week are planned to Montreal and another five via Toronto, as well as four weekly flights to Quebec via Montreal. Toronto will have five direct flights a week, in addition to five via Montreal. For Calgary and Vancouver, there are also six flights a week to both destinations via Montreal.

In the case of Porto, Air Transat will offer three direct flights a week and another four via Toronto, while for Quebec three flights a week are planned via Montreal. As for Toronto, there are still four direct flights and three via Montreal per week, while Calgary and Vancouver both have three flights per week via Montreal.

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In addition to Lisbon and Porto, the Canadian airline will also fly this summer between Faro and Toronto, with one flight a week, while Montreal is served once a week, via Toronto.

Air Transat also highlights that, thanks to its new international connectivity program, passengers originating in Portugal can also easily travel to various destinations in the USA, via Montreal, such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles or San Francisco, destinations that are available for outward and return flights from Lisbon, while in the case of Porto it is possible to travel to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Los Angeles.