What are the 3rd and 10th months of the year?

What time is it one hour after meio-dia?

What day comes after Wednesday?

If hoje is Monday, what is Tuesday?

What day comes before Thursday?

What month comes after julho?

If ontem was Saturday, what is today?

If you arrive a horas, are you early or late?

É um quarto para as 8h00 da noite. What time is it?

If someone says São sete e meia da manhã, which meal should you eat next?

Your order will be delivered daqui a dois dias. If today is Monday, when will you receive it?

If the film starts daqui a pouco, do you have time to go get pipocas?

If you left your house às oito da manhã and arrived at your destination três horas depois, what time did you arrive?

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