The IPO of Coimbra was accredited in January 2011 by the OECI, a status renewed in 2017, having been "one of the first five institutions in Europe with full accreditation by the OECI model, along with the IPO of Porto, the NKI-AVL of Amsterdam, Christie's NHS of Manchester and the Valencian Institute of Oncology", says the IPO of Coimbra, in a press release sent today to the Lusa agency.

The demonstration of good practices, which positions the IPO of Coimbra "in line with the best that is done in similar European health organisations and in accordance with the most demanding 'standards'" is due to the "high level of professionalism and commitment" of all, they stress.

"This achievement was only possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of our professionals who have been committed to taking good care of cancer patient. It means, fundamentally, the recognition of the high level of professionalism and commitment of all those who work here and give their best, contributing in an unavoidable way to the prestige of the institution, reinforcing the pride of being part of it, "says the president of the Board of Directors, Margarida Ornelas.

According to the IPO of Coimbra, this accreditation at international level means, "certainly", the reinforcement of "confidence" in an institution whose "quality and prestige here is also once again recognised".