In a strike notice sent to the Minister of Internal Administration and other government officials, the union recalls that on April 6, the decree-law that establishes the transitional regime for SEF workers was approved, following the merger/restructuring process, with the approval being preceded by a collective negotiation between the Government and the unions, with "the aim of discussing their future, safeguarding their rights".

According to the union, said negotiation also aimed to safeguard the transition from the extinct Investigation and Inspection Career - CIF of the SEF, to the Criminal Investigation Career of the Judiciary Police, in accordance with a law of November 2021.

"The aforementioned negotiation did not result in any commitment between the parties that reflects the matters discussed and decisions taken by the Government implementation/operationalization of this whole process", criticizes the union.

The union considers that "more than three years after the Government made known its intention to wrap up the SEF, it is unacceptable that CIF/SEF workers continue to be confronted with this climate of uncertainty."

Employees of the Career for Investigation and Inspection of the Foreigners and Borders Service -CIF/SEF will exercise the right to strike in all Organic Units of the SEF, except at Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon, on 22 and 29 May and the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of June.