SEF border control officers will be on strike at Lisbon airport over the weekend from 27 until 29 May between 5am and 10am. There will also be strike action from SEF officers at Porto, Faro and Madeira airport on 29 May, and these strikes are scheduled for the entire day.

In a statement on its website, state that: “Due to an Immigration Strike affecting Portugal, there may be longer queues at Border Control upon arrival. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Please allow yourself enough time to get through by checking in and clearing security as quickly as possible. If you have already checked in for your flight, please allow extra time at the airport for the security procedures. Our customer helpers will be on hand to make your journey as smooth as possible."

The strikes have been called due to uncertainty regarding the future of SEF inspectors after the Government approved, on April 6, the decree-law that establishes a transitional regime for SEF workers following the restructuring process.

Airport waiting times

The first strike called by the officers resulted in 100% adhesion and led to waiting times of “at least two or three hours” and “constraints” for passengers according to the union.

“Full adhesion to the strike demonstrates the degree of indignation of the people, there is clearly no trust in the Government”, explained the union.

Further strikes are planned by SEF officers at Lisbon airport on June 3 to 5, June 10 to 12, June 17 to 19 and June 24 to 26, all between 5am and 10am. At the remaining airports of Faro, Porto and Madeira, the strikes will take place on June 5, 12, 19 and 26 for 24 hours.


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Daisy Sampson