How many times have you got home and had no idea what to make for dinner? Have you ever really wanted to just order food straight to your home? Well, according to Conforama’s survey, carried out by market research company GfK, 48.6% of Portuguese people cook at home every day, 56.9% order home delivery around once a week, while 33.1% never do so. At the same time, 69.7% of surveyed go out for dinner at least once a week.

27% of the public think the kitchen is the most important part of the Portuguese home, while they spend on average 95 minutes a day cooking. 46.5% think their kitchen is perfect the way it is. Men prefer having all they need at hand, while women value their storage space. That being said, according to Conforama’s study, 80% of Portuguese people would improve some aspects of their kitchen. 29% said they’d change their furniture around, 22% said they’d change the tiles, 21% would redistribute the cupboards and drawers, while 25% of them would just completely renovate it. In this renovation, 70% of people would like some professional help with it, and 80% would like a kitchen that’s more customised to their living space with consistent quality.

If they were able to have this complete renovation, 59% of people believe they’d cook more. In that case, the priorities would move to having an easier-to-clean, spacier kitchen with more storage space. 61.4% of the public would prefer an independent kitchen, while 45.8% would prefer a kitchen with an island in it. The younger generation has a notable preference for the latter, having a want for a meal area in their kitchen. Older people like to have a more personalised kitchen generally, while families say they’d spend more to have up-to-date appliance technology.


Star in the 2015 music video for the hit single “Headlights” by German musician, DJ and record producer Robin Schulz featuring American singer-songwriter Ilsey. Also a journalist.

Jay Bodsworth