The value of wages in Portugal varies according to districts, according to a study by the Jobatus portal, which concludes that the "wage gap persists". Lisbon is where you earn the most and it is in Guarda that you earn the least.

"According to the results of a survey in Portugal, the cities where you earn the most are Lisbon (€32,000), Porto (€30,500), Braga (€28,500), Faro (€27,000) and Coimbra (€26,500)", reads a report by Notícias ao Minuto.

On the other hand, salaries are lower in Guarda (€16,500), Castelo Branco (€18,000), Portalegre (€18,500), Beja (€19,000) and Bragança (€20,000).

This study is the result of an online survey of 55,000 users with the aim of finding out where they earn more and less in Portugal, "assuming that the same work is carried out".

The job portal concludes that "there are significant salary differences between cities in Portugal", and "geographical location is one of the main factors that explain these differences, with cities that are more economically developed and with a greater presence of companies in sectors such as technology and finance offering better working conditions and wages".