The technological growth in Artificial Intelligence has enabled iQreative, with our partners, to develop the best security experience in the world, designed with new systems and ideas and always focusing on the delivery of the best product for our clients.

At iQreative we are able to transform outdated alarms, CCTV and electronic security systems using a true AI project, integrating automation Domotics systems and real full monitoring (Intrusion, CCTV and Network) prevention. This is done while always keeping in mind that a reliable interface for our clients is not only a reality but a necessity that often is seen as a secondary goal when dealing with private and commercial clients.

Cybersecurity, which in systems like CCTV, Intrusion Alarms and Automation, is key and is an essential part of our client security, as there are an increasing number of attacks on both companies and private individuals, such as ransom wares for example, that take a part of our fundamental data and encrypt it until a ransom is paid. This is something that we make very difficult to happen to our clients.

To follow the standards, explained above, iQreative has created a close relationship with Dahua Technology to bring high-end Technological systems directly to our clients. Virtual Perimeter Protection with very low false alarms, Face Detection, Metadata analyses, Licence Plate Recognition, People Approaching, Fall Detection and Violence Detection are just some of the features we are offering our clients. The old CCTV systems, used by companies and private clients to try and see what has already happened, have been substituted by systems that can prevent an incident, warn that something is wrong or out of the normal and may potentially create a dangerous situation is key and all of this is available on your Smartphone and Smartwatch, or directly in a Professional Monitoring Centre.

At the iQreative Showroom clients are able to experience live everything that we are able to offer. Here a client can see the systems working with their own eyes, something that is very important to us, so that we are able to explain, even to those who are less tech savvy, exactly how the systems work and how the technology integrates with a person’s home or business.

We never follow trends or fads and for us the solution for each client is never based on a specific product or price, but instead we are always working towards the best solution for each product which means we are able to constantly improve.

This must be the path for everyone involved in the areas of Technological Security, respecting the market and looking at security with the level of responsibility it deserves. These types of systems may well be the line that separates life threatening events, that protect our family, that prevents accidents from happening, and we, the Professionals, need to be prepared for this great responsibility.

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