To mark the end of the strike that spanned the country for 18 days, the union platform, which includes the national federations of Teachers and Education (Fenprof and FNE), called for a rally in Rossio square, starting at 3pm.

Before that, teachers will be concentrated in front of the António Arroio school, a choice that Fenprof justified, in a statement, with the need to insist on the binding and approval of a specific regime of competitions for teachers of art schools.

The strike, which replicated an initiative by the same union organizations carried out at the beginning of the year, started on April 17, in Porto, from where it continued to cover all the country's districts in reverse alphabetical order, from Viseu to Aveiro, with an average adherence close to 80%, according to Fenprof.

During today's rally, in Rossio, the union platform will announce new action starting on May 22nd.

In addition to Fenprof and FNE, the platform includes the Union Association of Licensed Teachers (APSL), the Pro-Order of Teachers (PRÓ-ORDEM), the Union of Educators and Licensed Teachers (SEPLEU), the National Union of Education Professionals ( SINAPE), National and Democratic Union of Teachers (SINDEP), Independent Union of Teachers and Educators (SIPE) and National Union of Teachers Licensed by Polytechnics and Universities (SPLIU).

However, the Ministry of Education will meet again with the sector's unions on Monday, for the supplementary negotiation of the measures proposed by the executive with the objective of correcting asymmetries.