Financial viability, with negotiations with the Government for unlocking funds for the most important tourism region in the country, is one of the central points of his candidacy.

In a press release sent to newsrooms Gomes promises to maintain the direction followed by the current direction, to defend the valorisation of the sector in the region – from the sea to the serra –, and reinforce the negotiating front with the Government so that there is reinforcement of the financial endowment for the RTA in line with inflation.

“I have plenty of heartfelt reasons for this decision. The Algarve is my home, my land, where I grew up, studied, got married, had children and where I have already dedicated 20 years of work, 15 of them in the area of tourism”, stated André Gomes in his speech, given alongside renowned businessman Renato Pereira.

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The president of the Jupiter Hotel Group praised the candidate, who has known André Gomes “since he was a little boy” said that he considers him to be the right person to assume the presidency over the next five years.

Awarded several times as the best beach destination in Europe, the Algarve contains a multitude of cultural, heritage, natural and sustainability, valences that André Gomes promises to enrich even further. He added that he is also committed to ensuring that the Algarve is a year-round destination and is “not just the main Portuguese tourist destination, but the best, the most diversified, the most sustainable, the most innovative, the most capable, without ever losing the charm of the Algarve that fills the memories of childhood, youth and adulthood of hundreds of thousands of Portuguese and all those from so many nationalities who choose our region”.