According to the Lisbon Fire Brigade Regiment, the heavy rain yesterday afternoon, led to more than 20 incidents of flooding, while strong winds also resulted in 13 incidents due to falling trees on public roads, which damaged some vehicles.

According to images released on social media in the Lisbon area, there were floods in Rua da Prata or in Parque das Nações due to heavy rain.

A source from the Greater Lisbon Sub-regional Command also told Lusa that it had not registered any significant occurrences in its area of operation.

According to social media pages on meteorology, such as 'Luso Meteo' or 'Meteo Trás os Montes - Portugal', in municipalities such as Ourém, Santarém district, or Almada, Setúbal, hail was also recorded.

Images of urban flooding in Beja were also released, due to heavy rain.