A special celebration of the NFT community to push the boundaries and claim “We will all survive”.

We have selected a few things you simply cannot miss at NFC23, among others…


Step into the 360 Blind Room to experience shows and talks surrounded by screens and breathtaking sounds and visuals.

Welcome to the Blind Talks and travel the minds of undoxxed collectors and artists through their movie and unique physical presence for their first time ever: Cozomo de’ Medici, Basileus, WhaleShark, Pak, Hackatao, Mr.Misang, Pascal Boyart, 6529, Claire Silver. More about Blind Talks here.

Discover new formats, NFC Blind Shows and Pop-Up Galleries featuring underdog artists and engage with these rockstars in real-time: vhils, YuYu, Trevor Jones, Alien Queen, ...


Think about collective live minting experiences. If you are not in the room when the live minting session happens, you may never be able to mint the artwork.
The artworks are changing depending on the crowd choices, live generative art, AI based on camera in the room… lots of experiences to come... Artists from the Fxhash family, Nahiko or Ivona Tau will propose these unique live minting experiences.


Explore #MEM by MGXS, an inventive art project fusing AI & GNSS Art, inviting people worldwide to co-create. Experience a dynamic, evolving art fusion blending cutting-edge AI with collaborative creativity. #BoundaryPushingArt #AIinArt
Artist: MGSX, Portugal-based generative visual artist.

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Enter the Playground and step into the boxing ring for real talks led by the toughest leaders on hot topics. No holds barred!
We curate fierce talks with our speakers to go deep into their own thoughts and beliefs, such as:

  • Shouldn’t be NFT music already making it?
  • Will Blur save or kill the space?
  • Are brands bringing value to the space?

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Fast-paced talks, hands-on and advice from industry experts.
No bullshit. Just take a look at few topics submitted by our speakers:

  • Museum acquisition of NFT art: turning point or illusion?
  • Why NFTs won\'t scale?
  • How The Memes by 6259 successfully spawned a decentralised community during the bear market?
  • Dos and DON\'TS in Web3 rewards


AI is everywhere and of course you will see a lot of AI at the conference. Few examples:

  • MakersPlace AI Hackathon: go to the MakersPlace booth to see 4 artists creating works live during the 2-day - starting with the same initial prompt, but having to adapt to surprises and visuals to bring the best artwork into life.
  • You will have live AI battles organised by Stendhal on the debate stage, where two artists create AI works in a few minutes in front of the audience.
  • You should also visit Faerian Activation, where you will need to compare artist vs AI works.
  • The main stage will have the chance to receive an AI talk by the master Claire Silver and Dadagan, the neo-dadaist AI Artist bot who created powerdada.

There is much more AI to discover in Lisbon, stay tuned.


Keep the party going day and night at the Pavilhão.
Enjoy live shows in the Blind Room turned into a dancefloor on June 7th until 2am, with a special Cult of Crypto Art showcase followed by a secret gig powered by Particle.

Beach Party - June 9th: Join the 10-hour marathon closing party thrown by the Sandbox x Party Degens at Lorosae from 2pm to midnight. Dance barefoot on the beach to the beats of the international artists who will be revealed very soon…

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A one-of-a-kind NFC exhibition and talks, the gallery showcases the OGs and hot gems from NFT photography.
A celebration of camera lovers curated by 3 legendary artists: Pauline Faieff, Dave Krugman and John Knopf.

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Discover the latest NFT fashion trends at the Fashion Café
Curated by Next Decade.

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Remember last year’s Non-Fungible Cocktail Bar? It’s back!
Get your free and unique cocktail at the Lama Technology bar!
Watch your wallet soon to check if you have been airdropped some free cocktails!

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