The “Algarviate” campaign has begun with the goal of sharing the creative tourism programs that makes up the Algarve Craft & Food project, highlighting the artisanry and gastronomy of the region. Up to June 18th, the campaign will be active digitally with a game, but also outdoors and in print. The main target audiences are potential tourists in Andaluzia, Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid.

It's through the word “Algarviate” that an invitation is made to experience the immersive culture of the Algarve and get to know the ancestral techniques used on local agricultural products, the food and the artisanship that are characteristic of the region. The campaign is managed by

Cultural tourism is also promoted by the “Algarve, ahora y siempre” campaign, exclusively digital, focusing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube through a two-minute promotional video that showcases the main cultural events that occur every year. The campaign is integrated into the Algarve Premium project, which runs between the 19th of June and the 19th of July, aiming to show that the Algarve has a diverse cultural offering over the whole year. The managing agency is NL Creative.

“The Algarve is much more than just beach, Sun and Summer. These campaigns intend to reinforce this in one of the region’s most relevant markets – the Spanish, by highlighting the gastronomy, artisanry and cultural events that occur all year in the Algarve,” the Turismo do Algarve president, João Fernandes, explained.

In the pre-pandemic period, the Spanish market represented over 400 thousand house guests and over 1.1 million overnight stays in the Algarve’s tourist accommodations, mainly concentrated over the Easter and Summer periods.

Both the “Algarviate” and the “Algarve, ahora y siempre” campaigns are co-financed by the Algarve Regional Operational Program – CRESC Algarve 2020.