This will be the first elections for the European Parliament in which Chega will run with its own lists, as André Ventura was head of the list of the Basta! Party in 2019, which brought together Chega, the Popular Monarchist Party (PPM), the Citizenship and Christian Democracy Party (PPV/CDC) and the Democracy 21 movement.

At a press conference at the party's headquarters in Lisbon, the leader of Chega criticised the statements made by PSD president Luís Montenegro, who in an interview with RTP on Monday night considered that losing the Europeans by two or three percentage points will be a bad result.

"When we start saying that a tiny result is enough, we are failing the electorate and the President of the Republic, who asked for a clear majority", said André Ventura.

"We cannot say that we can lose, we have to say that we have to win by a lot", he defended, stating that the right has to "show that it is capable of galvanising, aggregating" and "has to win clearly", giving a "very clear signal that the country no longer has the PS in control".

As for the regional elections in Madeira, which are being held this year, the president of Chega said that the objective is "to dethrone the absolute majority of the PSD" in the archipelago.

"If we don't succeed, it will be a failure for the party," he said.