As an ex-fighter pilot with first-hand experience of the skies and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I've found myself deeply captivated by the enigma of UAPs.

This fascination led to my founding of the UAP Society, a community united by the shared desire to explore these enigmatic phenomena.

However, the exploration and understanding of UAPs have often been hindered by the gatekeeping of information, a challenge rooted in the centralised systems of control that have, until now, dictated this field of study.

Enter the power of decentralisation, a transformative principle at the core of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology, particularly NFTs, has dramatically shifted how we perceive ownership and value in the digital world. Unlike their fungible counterparts, NFTs are unique, and their ownership is immutably registered on the blockchain. But these individual digital assets are not just changing the art, gaming, and collectibles space; they have the potential to foster vibrant communities and democratise access to experiences, resources, and information.

Embracing this immense potential, we are excited to introduce CryptoUAPeez, a groundbreaking NFT collection we are preparing to launch at the NonFungible Conference Lisbon 2023. Yet, CryptoUAPeez isn't just another collection of digital art. At its core, it's a pioneering platform designed to decentralise UAP exploration and nurture a global community of passionate, curious, and forward-thinking individuals.

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CryptoUAPeez is our bold step away from the constraints of conventional gatekeeping towards a future of democratic exploration.

By enabling a community of curious minds to pool their resources, share their discoveries, and collectively contribute to our understanding of UAPs, CryptoUAPeez is breaking the mold. This vision contrasts the traditional paradigm, where access to UAP information is limited to a select few, usually government and military institutions.

Every CryptoUAPeez NFT is far more than a unique digital artifact. It represents an interactive platform inviting owners to share in the shared exploration of UAPs. Through CryptoUAPeez, owners can engage in open discussions, debate theories, communicate findings, and ultimately contribute to a democratic, participatory approach to UAP science. This interactive feature underscores our belief that exploring UAPs benefits immensely from diverse perspectives, debate, and collaboration, like all scientific inquiry.

Advancing exploration

A significant aspect of the CryptoUAPeez project is its role in further advancing UAP exploration. The CryptoUAPeez collection will fund the deployment of Sky360 systems, advanced technological tools designed for capturing and analysing UAP events. These systems search the skies 24/7 at UAP hotspots around the globe, such as Hessdalen, Norway; Mount Wilson Ranch in Nevada near the enigmatic Area 51; and even my current home, Lagos, Portugal. This practical, grassroots approach to UAP exploration aligns with the spirit of decentralisation that blockchain technology and NFTs inherently embody.

Involvement in the CryptoUAPeez project transcends the mere acquisition of a unique digital asset. It's about becoming part of a passionate, globally-connected community of UAP enthusiasts. It's about contributing to a decentralised and collaborative effort to understand the unknown, where every member's input is valued, and every perspective enriches the collective discourse.

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At a macro level, CryptoUAPeez is more than an NFT project. It is a bold attempt to leverage cutting-edge technology to propel our understanding of UAPs, smashing through the barriers of traditional constraints. The project represents the power of community-driven exploration, where the pursuit of knowledge is democratised, and the joy of discovery is shared.

Igniting collaborations

The launch of CryptoUAPeez is just the beginning. We are tremendously excited about this project's potential as we prepare for the grand unveiling at NonFungible Conference Lisbon 2023. We envision CryptoUAPeez as the spark that ignites countless collaborations, the fuel that feeds the discovery engine, and the beacon that guides us through our shared journey into the unknown.

This project reflects my commitment as an ex-fighter pilot to unravel the mysteries of UAPs, not just with technical insight but with a genuine regard for human curiosity and the desire for knowledge. It is a testament to my faith in the power of collaboration and the belief that a dedicated community can push boundaries, challenge norms, and drive meaningful progress.

Through CryptoUAPeez, we aspire to unite a community of explorers and dreamers who, like me, are driven by the irresistible allure of the unknown. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey, to contribute your unique perspectives and insights, to participate in this collective endeavor, and to make the unexplored frontier of UAPs a little less unknown.

We are embarking on a journey that promises to be as thrilling as enlightening. It's a journey that we hope you'll join us on. Let's come together to learn, discover, and explore the mysteries of UAPs in this new era of decentralised exploration. We are standing at the precipice of the known, gazing into the vast expanse of the unknown, and together, we will take that leap into the future of UAP exploration.

In the grand scheme of human curiosity and the perpetual quest for knowledge, the launch of CryptoUAPeez at the NonFungible Conference Lisbon 2023 represents a significant milestone. But it's just the start of our expedition. The future of UAP exploration is here, and it is decentralized, community-driven, and infinitely exciting. Let's unravel the mysteries of the skies together – because the truth, after all, is out there.

Join us!

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Chris Lehto, ex-F-16 pilot, and YouTuber, combines aviation expertise and passion for the unexplained to investigate UAPs. He founded the UAP Society, funding decentralised research into alien existence using NFTs.

Chris Lehto