Due to the dynamics of the coin market, many traders are wary of making predictions. But there comes a time when a cryptocurrency seems not to be held down by the market.

The new project, Uwerx, is a freelancing-based project that is making headlines with its ongoing presale. Based on its features, analysts believe that Uwerx will succeed when it launches into the cryptocurrency market.

Read on as we explore how Uwerx is gearing up to become a top performer in the coin market. But first, let us discuss how BNB (BNB) and Blur (BLUR) are trying to make a recovery.

BNB (BNB) Is Maintaining Momentum

Despite the controversy surrounding FTX, BNB (BNB) has been growing steadily in the coin market. This is thanks to its latest developments. BNB (BNB) recently integrated Conflux Network into its network. This integration will allow BNB (BNB) holders to explore and engage with Conflux (CFX) features. As for BNB (BNB), the development will further strengthen the Binance ecosystem.

On another note, BNB (BNB) has partnered with the Brazilian Football Confederation to help it build its NFTs. This move has increased fan engagement and attracted new users to the sports platform. BNB (BNB) holders believe these perks could cause a rise in BNB (BNB) token prices.

The past 24 hours saw the BNB (BNB) price fall by -1.03% and settle at $309.20. Analysts predict the coin will rise to $582.31 by the first quarter of 2024.

Blur (BLUR) Introduces Blur Lending

On May 1, 2023, Blur (BLUR) announced Blend, a peer-to-peer perpetual lending protocol for NFTs.

Just as people pay down payments for a property and then pay a mortgage, Blend will allow users to use the same approach on NFT markets. Users can pay a percentage of the total NFT price and then finance the remaining balance.

This innovation will enable buyers who could not enter expensive collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk NFTs to now enter these ecosystems and buy NFTs

Blur's (BLUR) Twitter thread states that Blend will have zero fees for traders and lenders. They also added that Blend had facilitated 47,757 ETH ($88M) in loan volume.

Blur (BLUR) has seen a downward trend in the past seven days. It has fallen by 1.73 and trades at $0.47. Meanwhile, analysts predict Blur (BLUR) to reach $0.69 by Q4 2024.

Uwerx (WERX) Is Preparing To Change The Gig Economy

Uwerx is entering the coin market to introduce the freelance industry to blockchain technology. This means that Uwerx will bring decentralization, protection of intellectual property rights, and lower service fees to the freelance ecosystem. While centralized freelance platforms charge 10% and 20% service fees, Uwerx will charge only a 1% service fee.

Add that to the 6.5% joining incentive, and you see why freelancers are interested in Uwerx.

Uwerx has been making waves in its presale. It is currently in the fourth presale stage, where the number of allocated tokens was increased to 77,500,000 WERX tokens due to increased demand. The overall presale token allocation was increased to 427,500,000 tokens (57%) out of the total of 750,000,000 tokens. The new stage five will have 72,500,000 tokens.

Some other changes made due to increased demand include reducing founding members' token allocation from 8% to 7%, reducing partnership and performance incentives to 3% and 5%, respectively, and increasing joining incentives to 6.5%.

The Uwerx team has announced that the Alpha version of the Uwerx platform will be available in a few days. This will give users access to the project's features. On May 19, the Uwerx team will release the landing page and Sign-Up/Sign-In pages. After this, they will start unveiling the Beta version and other features weekly or bi-weekly.

The team recently introduced the Uwerx Vault. This innovation will promote user engagement and enable users to save their WERX tokens for any length of time. They will also earn great rewards for using the Uwerx Vault.

Uwerx has been audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof. To show their commitment to users, the Uwerx team will renounce smart contract ownership of the project when it lists on centralized exchanges.

Uwerx developers promised to start a 25-year liquidity lock on their token after the presale. Uwerx recently conducted a poll where 82.8% of the users voted for the tokens to be locked before the end of the presale. Based on this, the team has agreed to lock the developers' tokens before the end of the presale. They will announce the date for this soon.

This lock will improve transparency and prevent rug pulls. Uwerx developers also conducted another poll where 98.2% of users expressed their desire for a Test Airdrop. The team has decided to do the Test Airdrop to ensure users entered their Receiving Wallet Addresses correctly.

Uwerx has continued to soar daily and currently has over 5,000 signups. With analysts predicting Uwerx to reach $3 within Q1 2024, you should join this growing community.

Remember, WERX prices are set to rise from $0.0315 to $0.041 this Friday, 2nd June at 15:00 UTC. The additional bonus on purchases is also due to decline from 20% to 15%. Leverage the current WERX rate of $0.0315 and reap the benefits of a generous 20% bonus on your acquisition. Be part of this thrilling venture and deepen your engagement with Uwerx today. Utilize the links below to delve deeper into this intriguing opportunity and position your investment for maximum benefit.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network