In the week that starts tomorrow - and until June 11, "rainy weather is expected due to the approach of a complex depression in the mainland, associated with a southwest flow carrying a mass of hot air with a high content of water vapor".

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) warns of, predicting "intensified wind on the 6th and with generalised precipitation forecast for the 7th, which could last throughout the week".

According to Notícias ao Minuto, a source from the IPMA clarified that this depression is already reaching the Azores, it is expected that it will advance towards Madeira and, finally, pass close to the Portuguese mainland coast.

According to the same source, it is in Madeira that there is a greater probability of phenomena associated with heavy rains, such as floods or other incidents.

For the IPMA, this type of depression and forecasts of more rain and wind are not uncommon for this time of year. What is unusual is the "persistence" of these situations. "It is not so common for this type of phenomenon to persist for so many days", explaining that "almost every day we have had local problems", such as floods, heavy rain or hail, "but it is poorly distributed throughout space".

Through a message on Facebook, the IPMA also explained that "this week, the anomaly of total precipitation will remain above normal for the entire country". Also the average temperature "will remain above normal, especially at the beginning of the week and in the regions of the western half of the mainland".

The maximum temperature should reach values that will vary between 19 and 34°C throughout the week, with the highest values estimated in the Tagus Valley region and in Alentejo. In turn, the minimum temperature will vary between 9 to 20°C, depending on the region.