The Lagos council has decided to begin the process of forming a Regulation for Access to Dona Ana and Camilo Beaches. In the meeting, the project for this regulation was approved and will be submitted to public consultation and further approval by the municipality’s legislative body. The aim is to have these rules come into effect already in this high season.

The source of the council’s concerns is how these two beaches, due to being nestled between high cliffs, are exclusively accessible through long and steep staircases, with the need being there to limit the usage, in lieu of safety and comfort, by those who carry large equipment to practice water sports with.

Thus, the regulatory project would impose, during the beach season, a ban on access to the stairs by anyone carrying boards or boats used for water sports, or even scuba diving equipment, between 9am and 7pm, that same ban applying to setting up support equipment for water sports (surf, stand up paddle, windsurf, kitesurf, kayak or canoeing) on beach grounds.

This initiative is part of the new responsibilities the municipality has over managing the beaches integrated into the State’s public hydrosphere dominion and comes from the need to promote and value the coast’s resources, manage the pressure on the coastline and beaches, and not least to adequately prevent risks. These new municipal regulations, which will soon be in public consultation, intends to harmonise the various uses and activities in order to protect both the environment and the beachgoers.