After last week's decrease, the set of 44 products exempt from VAT until the end of October became worth 131.06 euros last Wednesday. Courgette, frozen peas and extra virgin olive oil were the three foods that increased the most in recent days, according to Deco Proteste.

This is the third highest value for this basket since the zero VAT measure came into force. This week's rise contradicts the decline seen at the end of May, when this basket dropped 59 cents, from 130.66 euros to 130.07 euros. Even so, the 44 items costs 7.71 euros less (-5.56%) than the day before the start of the measure.

Courgettes and frozen peas were the foods that most increased in price in the last week (+15%), to 1.96 and 3.65 euros, respectively. Extra virgin olive oil now costs 13% more, to 7.36 euros. However, these products are far from being the most expensive since the measure came into force: broccoli and Gala apples cost 11% more since the day before the start of the measure.

Looking at the price variation of the basket since the beginning of the year, onions had the biggest increase, costing 29% more than on the 4th of January, to 1.78 euros; extra virgin olive oil comes in second, with the price increasing by 24%; horse mackerel costs 46 cents more, to 4.75 euros, representing an increase of 11%.

By product categories, only frozen products have become more expensive since the VAT exemption on 44 items was lifted.