St. Bede, the only English Doctor of the Church, was born in Jarrow, England, in 673. He was known as the Venerable on account of his holiness. At the age of seven, he entered the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul at Wearmouth, under the care of Abbot Benedict, where he was ordained in 702.

Except for a few visits to other monasteries, his life was spent in a round of prayer, observance of monastic discipline and study of the Sacred Scriptures. He was considered the most learned man of his time and wrote excellent biblical and historical books.

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He spent the last 40 days of his life translating the Gospel of St. John into English. When the last passage had been translated he said: All is finished.

He died in 735 on the floor of his cell, singing Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.