BdP data show that, in April, tourist revenues were 357.05 million euros above what had been calculated in April last year, when this indicator added up to 1,585.07 million euros, while in a comparison with April 2019 , before the arrival of the pandemic, the growth is 560.97 million euros, since in the fourth month of 2019 tourist revenues totalled 1,381.15 million euros.

In the statement that accompanies the figures, the BdP points out that, “in April 2023, travel and tourism exports totalled 1,942 million euros, the highest value in the series for the month of April”.

Like tourist revenues, tourism imports also increased by 10% compared to the same month last year, totalling 544.29 million euros, when in the same month of 2022 they were at 494.99 million euros. Compared to the same month of the pre-pandemic period, the growth is 14.9%, since, in April 2019, tourism imports had reached 473.77 million euros.

In the balance, the month of April also brought positive news, since this indicator reached 1,397.83 million euros, which represents an increase of 28.2% compared to the 1,090.08 million euros calculated in the same month of the year past. Compared to April 2019, the growth is 54.1%, since, at that time, the balance of the travel and tourism item did not exceed one billion euros, standing at 907.37 million euros.


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