According to SAPO news, Portugal is in the top 10 European countries for remote workers, an analysis of the Moving to Spain platform reveals. According to the data, the country registers a score of 6.7 out of 10, placing it in 5th place in the table.

Factors included: internet speed (132 Mbps in Portugal), the world happiness score (5,968) and peace score (1,301), the availability of a visa for digital nomads and the quality of health care (78) contribute to this result.

In this ranking, Norway ranked first, with a total score of 7.79, Germany in second place (7.22), Hungary in third (7.10) and Spain in fourth (6.76). The top is completed by Romania (6.14), Estonia (5.91), Denmark (5.68), Finland (5.57) and Latvia and Italy, both in 10th place with 5.34.