The Portuguese capital is one of the five most "friendly" European cities for LGTBQ+ tourists, according to a recent study by Mabrian, which analysed more than 55 million hotel reviews in Europe.

"The analysis revealed that Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris are the five most LGTBQ+ friendly destinations. These cities demonstrated exceptional acceptance and quality of service, making them highly desirable destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers," Mabrian indicates in a statement released on 28 June.

Mabrian's study was based on the reviews and ratings of LGBTQ+ travellers themselves on major travel opinion websites, which was analysed using Artificial Intelligence.

According to Carlos Cendra, Marketing Director at Mabrian, LGBTQ+ tourists have become significant, which makes them "of special interest to the hotel industry".

"To attract this segment, hotels must strive to offer exceptionally high-quality standards and personalised attention," he suggested.