The Loulé Centre for Homeless Planning and Intervention, whose mission is to promote the rehoming of unhoused people, reached out to Animal Rescue Algarve in order to get assistance in the housing reintegration process of a local citizen who was living in a ruin, with his cat and dog.

Pulga, the dog that was bottle fed by owner, and Brioche, a cat that lived most of his life within the confines of the ruin, lived for 18 years in these conditions, and were part of the reason why their carer encountered great difficulties regarding housing support.

As a rule, the urgent response mechanisms for housing involve shared accommodations, which makes it impossible for the immediate shelter of the animals accompanying these vulnerable people.

In this context, Animal Rescue Algarve presents itself as a civil society partner to Townhall, acknowledging, therefore, its social responsibility, and showing itself sensitive to all social issues in general - and specifically to the issue of unhoused people.

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Both animals are now looking for a family that will show them the love and care they deserve, while under the protection of what is probably one of the best animal shelters in Portugal. Beyond a vast team of staff and volunteers, Animal Rescue Algarve looks to ensure the greatest life and care possible for their animals, as such, its shelter has 14 social parks, with pools, apparatus, and sandboxes, as well as specialised catteries; with all dogs being walked twice a day, and all animals integrated in a continual socialisation process.

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