According to SAPO news, Lisbon is the most money-saving city in Europe to travel to, according to the 2023 cost barometer of the British transport and bank company, Post Office Travel Money.

The study looked at 35 European capitals and establishes the rankings of the most affordable cities in terms of accommodation, museums, transport or even a glass of wine.

The Portuguese capital leads the ranking of the most attractive city in Europe in economic terms, with prices just 2% higher than those registered in 2022, a much smaller increase than most of the destinations under analysis – thus, spending three days and two nights in Lisbon costs on average, 263.83 euros.

“Lisbon has historically been in our top-10 in terms of value for money,” said Ricardo Fernández, director general of the 'Destinia' travel agency, quoted by the Spanish newspaper 'El Confidencial'.

According to the study, the average accommodation in Lisbon is the cheapest in Europe at 142.03 euros, as well as meals, with an average value of 45.79 euros, which makes the Portuguese capital among the most sought-after from various angles. “The flexibility it offers is very wide, as a destination it is very cheap and, in addition, in summer the price of a night stay is very cheap.” Lisbon is followed as the cheapest destination by Vilnius (263.27 euros), Kraków (293.57 euros) and Athens (306.81 euros).

Between the European capitals there are substantial differences that can dent your budget: for example, transport in Geneva is free, while in London it costs 35.57 euros. However, the British capital's museums have free admission, unlike Florence, which involves paying more than 25 euros.

“Tourists are now more cautious when it comes to travelling. With the rise in prices, the intention is to make the experience more economical. The stay on trips around Europe dropped on average from 5 nights to 4.3”, pointed out the person in charge.