The campaign under the responsibility of the National Road Safety Authority took place between July 18 and 24, 57146 vehicles were inspected in person in continental Portugal, according to a note from the GNR.

This campaign, with the objective of alerting drivers to the serious consequences of handling the mobile phone while driving and included in the National Inspection Plan of 2023, had the participation of the bodies of the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira with awareness actions, completing the inspection work carried out by the regional commands of the PSP.

During the period of the operation, the GNR inspected 36,550 vehicles and detected 9,169 infractions, of which 583 related to the use of mobile phones.

For its part, the PSP, in its areas of jurisdiction, inspected 20,146 vehicles and detected 4,777 infractions, 192 of them for using a mobile phone while driving.

In the period of the campaign, a total of 2,560 road accidents were registered, resulting in eight fatalities, 45 serious injuries and 835 minor injuries, according to GNR in the note sent to the Lusa agency.

Compared to the same period in 2022, there were 195 fewer accidents, two fewer fatalities, five fewer serious injuries and 59 minor injuries.

The accidents with fatalities (seven) occurred in the districts of Porto (2), Aveiro (1), Coimbra (2), Leiria (2) and Beja (1).