“The workers of the contact centers and stores, which ensure important activities of companies in the EDP group, approved the holding of a week of strike, for salary and professional appreciation”, indicated the Inter-Union Federation of Metallurgical, Chemical, Electric, Pharmaceutical Industries , Pulp, Paper, Graphics, Press, Energy and Mines (Fiequimetal), in the same note.

The initiative, led by the federation and its unions SIESI (Union of Electrical Industries of the South and Islands), Site Norte (Union of Workers of Transforming Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities), Site Centro-Norte and Site Centro-Sul and Regions Autonomous “will take the form of strikes in stores, from 14 to 19 August, and in contact centres, on 14 and 16 August”.

According to the trade union organisation, “the struggle has objectives that have already justified other days and which the workers do not give up on” and which include “combating precariousness and demanding employment with rights”.

According to Fiequimetal, street actions will take place, along with stores and contact centers, and on the 16th, Wednesday, "concentrations will take place in Lisbon, in front of the Assembly of the Republic, at 9:30 am, and in Seia, in front of to the EDP contact centre, at 9 am”.