According to the strike notice from the Union of Aviation and Airport Workers (Sitava), to which Lusa had access, the structure did not reach an agreement with SATA "regarding the new career of flight operations officers, dragging the process along since July 2022”.

The union considers that these workers "have been having a significant increase in work in recent years" and "face these adversities on a daily basis, being tireless and committed to their duties".

Sitava states that “the lack of human resources is reflected in overtime work, some of which is previously planned, and penalises workers in their rest, social and family life”.

“The technical career of flight operations officers is crucial for the operation of SATA Air Açores, a fact that the company insists on not recognising”, stresses the union.

Flight operations officers will strike from August 29 to 31, 2023, as well as aircraft maintenance technicians and minimum services are guaranteed, such as to “perform the flights necessary to satisfy critical problems related to the safety of people and goods".

SATA Air Açores provides inter-island connections across the archipelago.