Everything began 15 years ago with a woman’s dream : create from scratch a Barbershop chorus, here in Algarve, where nobody knew what it was about. What ? Singing with the barbers, in their shops?!

Well, it’s more about singing acapella in close harmony around four voices and it’s overwhelming !!! And you can do it in a barbershop, no problem… it’s actually its origins. But it’s another story…

So, here in Algarve, in 2008, under the strong and stimulating direction of Sylvy Keenan-Wilks, Bella Acapella was born and grew little by little, steadily and joyfully. When Sylvy went back home to England, she entrusted the chorus to the Portuguese Isabel Matos, and then our Dutch Rob Does took over, and for 6 years now, he is the beloved, inspiring, moving musical director of Bella Acapella.

Thanks to the three of them, Bella Acapella is still breathing, singing, blending in harmony, and is still the only Barbershop chorus in Portugal, with 31 members of 10 nationalities.

So it was on the 8th of July, with around 70 people, attending a special performance, with good food and drinks in a beautiful location, limited to family and friends, because they really deserve our gratitude for their dedication in supporting us.

And now, we are taking a well-deserved Summer Break until the end of August, and will come back fully energized in September, because then, we go to Seville to attend Harmony College organized by the Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers, and we will continue with concerts, coaching’s, new songs, new members, and new challenges ! What a schedule!

If you are curious, come and give it a try. The chorus is always growing with any voice, and needs especially bass voices.

We rehearse on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and we go back to rehearsals on Wednesday 30th of August, at the Re-Criativa Association, Rua Republicá 14, Olhão.

Visit our website: http://www.bellaacapella.pt

And our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bellaacapella.portugal