Tesla continues to grow visibly in Portugal in terms of the number of vehicles sold. According to the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP), the electric car manufacturer was the second best-selling brand in Portugal during the month of August and narrowly missed out on becoming the first exclusive electric manufacturer to achieve 1st place.

For the first time, Tesla has entered the top three of most cars sold, with 1,167 vehicles, coming very close to Peugeot (1,395), which secured first place in the ranking of the best-selling brands in Portugal.

Closing the August podium is Mercedes-Benz with 1,086 cars registered.

In the year to date, from January to August, the best-selling brands in Portugal continue to be Peugeot (15,865), Renault (11,098) and Dacia (9,640).

August sales

Peugeot - 1,395 registrations completed

Tesla - 1,167

Mercedes-Benz - 1,086

BMW - 1,001

Dacia - 968

Citroën - 765

Renault - 696

Toyota - 639

Kia - 515

Volkswagen - 500