Matheus Cintra has been living in Portugal since 2019 and despite having another job, he is dedicated to RugMe, his company that manufactures handmade and personalised rugs according to the customer's wishes. The founder of RugMe told The Portugal News that he decided to open the business in Portugal because he had never seen anything related to the unique way he makes rugs.

The carpet-making is divided into two processes, tufting and finishing, and a rug can take an average of two days to make. However, Matheus Cintra works along with his calendar and schedules a client “every three days”, as unforeseen events may occur.

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RugMe rugs are unique, as the handmade work allows it. In conversation with Matheus Cintra, customers may send a photograph or a drawing of what they want to see transformed into a rug. Then, the founder will take great care in designing and sewing the final product, which is made of “acrylic wool, easily purchased in Portugal”. Interestingly, RugMe rugs are not meant to be used like a traditional rug, like placing them at the entrance to a room, for example. The rugs made by Matheus Cintra have “a more decorative purpose”, as they are not suitable to be washed in a washing machine.

As a rule, customers end up decorating the walls of their homes with purchases made at RugMe, which can be shipped anywhere in the country and the world. The personalised rugs have already been sent to countries like Brazil, Spain, France, and Switzerland, as Matheus Cintra told The Portugal News.

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Matheus Cintra revealed that he will start producing carpets with the RugMe signature in Brazil, with the help of his brother, who lives in the South American country, intending to serve the Brazilian market that rejects orders from Portugal, due to the high cost of shipping costs.

Matheus Cintra also reveals exclusively to The Portugal News that he will be present at Comic-Con, in Porto, with a RugMe stand, and invites all interested parties to get to know his work better in an environment.

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