“Too many animals are being neglected.” Jenny, President of APAA, is shocked but nevertheless hopeful. There is no comfortable solution. “Even the RSPCA the top people are presenting a dreadful picture of animal cruelty. Yes, even in the UK where supposedly, animals are our ‘treasures’. It seems there is a huge increase in anti-animal behaviour.”

Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, have many solutions to trying to fix, the almost unfixable. “SNiP of course, our Spaying and Neutering Programme, has over the years helped to keep animals’ breeding rates lower. “If they’re not being neglected they are being dumped.” Sometimes both it seems. “All the charities, here, on the Algarve are trying their hardest to keep animals off the street and away from harm.” Cat Colonies on the Algarve are enormous, broadly speaking they are home to thousands of felines. “There is no simple answer to any of our problems here in ‘Animal Land’, where we do try but sometimes feel it isn’t enough.”

Charity shops, and events, ‘Pop-Ups’, education, are all ways of attempting to raise money and attention to a world, where it seems, animals are becoming less important. The family pet used to be a hallowed subject. A member of the family. Special treats, special places. Special? Nothing!

“The whole point, for instance in microchipping an animal, is to redeem its future if something should go wrong.” The ownership can be traced. Then, if the animal is abandoned or lost, it may be returned to its owners. Usually, this is the point of having them ‘chipped’ in the first place. “Sadly, this isn’t always the case. In fact rarely.” Jenny’s work along with her team at APAA is a hard one. “Someone has to pick up the bits and pieces.” Hopefully someone with the motto ‘Here to Help’.

Looking ahead, Team APAA, have two diary dates to score off. Saturday 23rd September a ‘jazz’ afternoon with snacks from 3pm at The Enchanted Garden, Portimão to the vibrant sounds of ‘Loosewig’. The entrance fee will be 15€. Both charities, Portimão’s Soup Kitchen and APAA will be receiving a 5€ donation between them. Dance? ‘Ponta Romana’ Silves, Friday 20th October. This will be a 1960/1970’s themed evening with music from ‘The Poor Man’s Band’. Skates ready! Rock’n’Roll.

Cat Colonies: zelia.santos@live.co.uk Every bit helps to feed furry feral felines.

Re-homing and advice on pets info.apaaportugal@gmail.com

Events as above: events.apaaportugal@gmail.com

Check out Facebook and the website.

‘Pop-Up’ Shops being planned. More Bits and pieces ahead!