On April 28, an order from the Secretary of State for Fisheries, Teresa Coelho, defined the sardine fishing management measures, noting that the General Directorate of Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services (DGRM) could change the daily limits.

After the meeting of the monitoring committee, which took place on Monday, the DGRM decided to place new maximums on the unloading and sale of sardines, which include a limit of "765 kg (34 baskets) of sardines calibrated as T4, regardless of the existence of other size classes".

The DGRM diploma determines that for vessels with an overall length of less than or equal to nine meters, the limit is 2,250 kg (100 baskets).

In turn, considering vessels longer than nine meters and less than 16 meters, the limit is 3,938 kg (175 baskets).

For vessels with an overall length of more than 16 meters, the barrier was set at 5,652 kg (250 baskets).

The DGRM order takes effect from 00:00 on Monday.

Sardine fishing reopened on May 2nd.