With the first half of 2023 gone, anticipation runs high for the second half. Among the numerous cryptocurrencies poised for potential growth, Cosmos (ATOM), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Pomerdoge (POMD) have gathered significant attention. In this article, we will delve into the factors driving their bullish outlook and explore their price predictions for the year.

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Cosmos (ATOM): Fostering Interoperability

Cosmos (ATOM) is a project that aims to solve the most critical challenges in the blockchain landscape. Its innovative approach offers a solution to slow, expensive, and unscalable blockchain protocols. To achieve this, Cosmos offers an ecosystem of connected blockchains.

Its Interblockchain Communication Protocol allows interoperability among blockchains, allowing networks to communicate with each other. Hence, by improving how blockchains interact, Cosmos is positioned for substantial growth in 2023.

Further, the token has tangible utility. It can be staked to help keep the Cosmos network secure. Also, holders have a say in the network’s governance. Its price prediction for 2023 by top analysts is $10.

Axie Infinity (AXS): Championing P2E

Axie Infinity (AXS) is one of the pioneers of the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model. This blockchain-based trading game is partially owned and operated by its players, offering the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay. This popular Web3 game allows players to collect, breed, raise, and trade Axies, which are token-based creatures.

The Axie Infinity game also integrates elements of NFTs. Axies, the game avatars in Axie Infinity, are non-fungible tokens. They can be traded on the Axie marketplace, which improves the passive earnings of players.

In light of the above, Axie Infinity has a solid stance within the gaming ecosystem and the broader crypto market. Its price forecast and potential peak in 2023 is $10, according to analysts forecasts.

Pomerdoge (POMD): An Exciting P2E Game

Just like Axie Infinity, Pomerdoge is a play-to-earn game that, along with Cosmos, has a bullish outlook for 2023. Its combination of P2E and NFT presents an interesting value proposition, contributing to the staggering participation in its presale. As of this writing, more than $3.7 million has been raised by the project, which is a testament to its unique gaming experience and solid fundamentals.

As a gaming platform, it aims to introduce an exciting game that connects players and rewards them generously through gameplay. Of the total token supply of 1.7 billion, 90 million, or approximately 5%, are set aside for in-game rewards. In addition, other rewards and items collected while playing the game can be traded in its Pomerplace, a combination of a marketplace and an arena.

Within its arena, players can compete against each other, where the victor takes all, thereby adding another layer of excitement. In addition, its NFT collection, which comprises 7,777 digital tokens, further adds to its appeal.

At the time of writing, Pomerdoge is still in presale but is selling out fast. The price of a POMD token is currently $0.014, but analysts predict that it could reach $1 by the end of the year. Hence, it is one of the tokens and platforms to watch out for in 2023.

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