"We also consider that it is necessary to reinforce cooperation with other EU territories, to broaden our perspectives and gain, through joint work, institutional weight in national and European decision-making centers", refer to the conclusions of the 2nd Grouping Meeting Iberian European Territorial Cooperation (AECT), which ended today in Vigo, Spain.

In the document, to which Lusa had access, the EGTCs of Portugal, Spain and France highlight the need to "increasingly open themselves up to new funding routes through other national and community programs" in addition to those of Interreg, which "have been, are and will be fundamental to the activity of Iberian EGTCs".

"Only in this way will we ensure the continuity and consistency of our work, opening up the range of areas and projects in which we can contribute", indicate the conclusions of the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the AECT Aquitaine/Euskadi/Navarra, the AECT Pyrenees Mediterranean, the AECT Rio Minho, AECT Galiza - North of Portugal (GNP) and AECT Chaves-Veríne AECT Duero-Douro.

Participants also highlight that the covid-19 pandemic served to remind us that "Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon or Paris legislate, but it is the EU's border regions and their 150 million inhabitants that materialize, day by day, the most genuine spirit of the EU".