The gaming space has become very popular in recent times. Several gaming projects have launched tokens that offer holders several benefits on the platform. Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), and Pomerdoge (POMD) are three gaming tokens that experts have picked for investors in Q4 2023.

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Axie Infinity (AXS): Number of Monthly Users Drops

The number of monthly players on the Axie Infinity marketplace has dropped significantly in 2023. According to data from, in February 2022, there were around 2.70 million players.

However, this number fell to below 500,000 players in August 2023. Despite the drop in monthly users, the Axie Infinity token has been able to maintain an upward price trajectory.

Recently, the price of Axie Infinity rose from $4.12 to a 7-day high of $5.02 in September. Analysts have forecasted a price surge to $6 for the Axie Infinity price in Q4 2023.

The Sandbox (SAND) Fighting To Resume Bullish Momentum

The Sandbox coin (SAND) has been on a price decline since its August 14th token unlock. This was due to the increase in selling pressure. Fortunately, The Sandbox price has bounced back, reaching a peak of $0.327774 in August.

Meanwhile, SAND has been able to maintain the $0.3000 price level in September. Although it dipped to $0.281410, bulls caused a rebound to a peak of $0.309628. Besides, The Sandbox team has been making efforts to attract more users to the platform.

They have released several NFTs, avatars, and launched competitions. Meanwhile, analysts are bullish on The Sandbox. According to Changelly, The Sandbox crypto will hit a maximum price of $0.968903 in Q4 2023.

Pomerdoge (POMD) Surpasess Axie Infinity and The Sandbox

With the bearish sentiment prevailing in the market, investors have shifted their focus towards Pomerdoge. The token has shown greater potential in the past few months. Presently, the Pomerdoge team is creating a gaming ecosystem. This ecosystem will encompass various projects that will increase users' interest.

The initiatives include Pomerplace (a marketplace and battle arena), Pomergame, and an NFT collection. Looking ahead, analysts predict that Pomerdoge will become a major force in the cryptocurrency sector. This is because Pomerdoge has practical usage as a meme coin and as a gaming token.

This feature is what makes Pomerdoge ahead of other meme coins like Dogecoin. Pomerdoge token holders can enjoy rewards, exclusive access to NFTs, discounts, and opportunities for passive income. Furthermore, early investors will receive a portion of the platform's revenue depending on their initial investment.

Currently, Pomerdoge is available for purchase at only $0.0165. Market experts have forecasted a price surge to $0.0188 on September 22nd. In the long-term, analysts have projected a 17x increase in value in Q4 2023. This will see POMD trade as high as $0.28 before the end of the year.

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