The series, whose first season reached 11 million people, seeks to promote the Portuguese coast, exploring the best waves, stories and culture of each region.

In this episode, Nic explores Faro with Luca Guichard, a local surfer. “Together, they discover the hidden treasures of the Faro Islands and the magic of the waves generated by the Levante, an easterly wind that blows along the Strait of Gibraltar and pushes waves of warm water from the Mediterranean to the south coast of Portugal, creating special conditions for surfing. In addition to unlikely surf sessions, the surfing duo swim in hidden waterfalls and explores the picturesque city of Tavira.

After Faro, Nic continues his exploration of the coast of Portugal, travelling through seven regions of the country in total. From classic, well-known spots to secret beaches, where being local – or knowing the locals – is a key factor in finding the perfect waves.

The second season, filmed and edited by Kenneth Kemp and Kristjan Taal, has seven episodes, each lasting 7 to 10 minutes, which are available on Nic Von Rupp's YouTube channel and on the Fuel TV sports channel.