The value of annual support granted to CIVISA by the Regional Government of the Azores (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) increased from 300 thousand euros to 600 thousand euros, starting this year.

The Regional Secretary of Health and Sports of the Azores, Mónica Seidi, who presided over the signing of the protocol with CIVISA today, at Palácio da Conceição, in Ponta Delgada, said that the executive updated the agreement that exists with that institute, which hasn't been updated since 2019.

CIVISA is the entity responsible for permanent surveillance of all seismovolcanic activity and other geological hazards in the archipelago.

Mónica Seidi highlighted to journalists the partnership relationship between the Azorean Government and CIVISA and admitted that “its need is undeniable, because it effectively provides a service, a contribution, of excellence and is essential to all Azoreans”.