The 29th will be dedicated to the 3rd National Canine Show of the Algarve, recalling the long tradition of this event in this region. On the 30th, the 32nd Algarve International Canine Show will take place, with 12 participating countries, including Portugal, reinforcing the importance of these shows across borders. The competitors will be evaluated by Portuguese judges and by guest judges from Spain, Ireland and Italy. The "Best in Show" of the International will be judged by Judge Carla Molinari, President of the Board of the Portuguese Kennel Club, who is keen to be present in this return to the Algarve.

Following the breeds competition, the Grand Prix begins, in which the podiums for best Puppy, Dog, Junior, Veteran, Pair, Breeder and Breeder Group will be awarded. This follows the competition for Best in Show, with 10 breeds chosen by the International Canine Federation (FCI). Prior to this, the Best Breed of the Portuguese Breeds will take place, in which the public will have the opportunity to see the Portuguese Breeds which represent our national genetic heritage in the ring of honour.

In parallel, this weekend, the 7th Meeting of the Portuguese Water Dog takes place, organised by APCAP – Association for the Protection of the Water Dog Portuguese, which includes the 35th Monographic Canine Exhibition of the Portuguese Water Dog, on September 30, from 10pm at the Stadium, and two competitions at the Solaria Pier, on Saturday at 11am and on Sunday at 10am on (30 September and 1 October).