While its prices are the most talked about, cryptocurrencies offer exciting developments. In recent developments, Cosmos is actively addressing liquidity issues. However, Axie Infinity continues to face a downturn while Kangamoon is setting its sights on becoming a blue-chip cryptocurrency.


  • Wormhole, Evmos, Swing, and Tashi, team up to solve Cosmos’ liquidity issues.

  • The Axie Infinity price falls even after Project T.

  • Kangamoon meme coin attracts meme fans to its community.

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Wormhole and Others To Solve Cosmos’ Liquidity Issues

Despite being one of the top crypto projects, Cosmos crypto has faced liquidity issues. Recently, the Hub upgraded its market network by introducing liquid staking of assets. The upgrade replaced the previous 21-day lock period for unstaked Cosmos coins.

The new module's launch unlocks more than $400 million worth of ATOM. However, the network still faces liquidity issues. As a result, Wormhole, Evmos, Swing, and Tashi have teamed up to solve Cosmos’ liquidity issues.

The aim of the coalition is to make the Cosmos coin and DeFi network easier to use. The ATOM price has been positive as a result. In the last week, the Cosmos price has increased by more than 10%, with experts speculating more gains.

Axie Infinity Price Fall Amid New Addition

Axie Infinity (AXS) is facing challenges despite its introduction of new gameplay features. The game aimed to enhance social interaction within its universe through Project T enabling players to connect and build stronger relationships with Axolotl.

But in light of this amazing development, Axie Infinity has seen a decline in price even after the introduction of new features. The price of the Axie Infinity token has been dropping since February.

As a result, the price of Axie Infinity dropped from over $12 5çto $4.42 in September. Despite attempts to improve gameplay and the Axie Infinity marketplace, AXS is currently facing challenges in its value.

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Kangamoon (KANG) To Become a Blue Chip Crypto

Kangamoon is the next-top meme coin, with a large community of meme fans and blockchain gaming. The aim of the project is to create a global community for meme coin enthusiasts and P2E gamers. The inclusion of meme coins and DeFi elements makes Kangamoon a MemeFi project.

It offers Play2Earn options as well as exhilarating boxing gameplay. This upcoming game takes inspiration from Kangaroo, a spirited gaming character who loves boxing. Participants can create and personalize their characters to increase their chances of winning and earning.

The unique ecosystem of Kangamoon has caught the attention of experts, who predicted that it could become a blue-chip crypto project by 2024. For security, a trusted auditor, SOLIDProof, has carefully reviewed Kangamoon's smart contracts.

At the core of the project is the KANG token. The project is built on top of Ethereum, and the token follows the ERC-20 token standard. The KANG token is valued at only $0.005 in the presale. Analysts predict that the Kangamoon cryptocurrency shows great potential to increase in value by 20x in Q4.

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