Investors and traders are consistently on the lookout for new ways through which they can analyze the market. Recently, they turned to AI. One of the largest AI-driven chatbots, Google Bard, was asked about the best-performing cryptos. Gala Games (GALA), The Sandbox (SAND), and Everlodge (ELDG) were the top results. Today, we will look at all of them individually to see how far they can climb.


  • Gala Games can reach $0.030 by the end of the year

  • The Sandbox can spike in value to $0.54 by the end of Q4, 2023

  • Everlodge is projected to grow by 100x at launch

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Google Bard projects $0.030 as the next price target for Gala Games (GALA)

Gala Games (GALA) is one of the largest GameFi ecosystems within the industry. As a result of this, there are consistent updates and releases that are a part of the Gala Games spectrum of games. Recently, there were many game updates, which have fueled investor confidence in the Gala Games crypto.

During the past week, Gala Games traded between $0.01303901 and $0.01452080. Google Bard did provide a Gala Games price prediction. The AI projects that GALA can climb to $0.030 as its maximum value point.

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The Sandbox (SAND) can spike in value to $0.54

The Sandbox (SAND) recently expanded its offering. Many new cosmetic items are available. The "SHIBUYA109 WEARABLE COLLECTION" was one of the more noteworthy additions. As a result, The Sandbox has increased in terms of its appeal. However, according to Google Bard, its price can grow further.

During the past week, The Sandbox traded between $0.292322 and $0.306011. Moreover, The Sandbox has been up by 5% during the past two weeks. According to The Sandbox price prediction made by the AI, it can surge to $0.54 by the end of 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) to surge by 100x at launch based on Google Bard

Google Bard is also bullish on the future of the Everlodge project. This is an upcoming real estate marketplace where anyone can buy luxury villas and homes. Traditionally, many hurdles exist in the real estate industry. From the high costs to the massive documentation and high upfront capital requirements.

However, Everlodge will mint and then fractionalize properties. These NFTs can then be bought, sold, or traded by investors and traders. The market will be far more liquid as a direct result of this.

Now, multiple people can own a single property and will not be tied down in any way. They can also diversify and buy smaller fractions worth just $100 in multiple properties.

There's also a lending system where users can utilize their NFTs as collateral to get loans. During the Stage 4 presale, ELDG trades at just $0.019. However, according to Google Bard, it can surge by 100x at launch.

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