During the presentation of the results of the Summer Safe 2023 operation, José Luís Carneiro left an appeal for flexibility in next year's security plans.

In 2023, Operation Verão Seguro, whose objectives were the safety and protection of citizens, nature and the environment and under which a cooperation protocol was signed between the PSP and the GNR, resulted in 149 actions at a national level, 63 of which in Lisbon, 70 in Porto, and 16 in Faro.

“The results are very positive, which is why we decided to continue with this program in the coming years and [we] will now, in autumn and winter, prepare Summer Safe, (…) which has a special plan designed for beaches where there were some signs of concentrations and large influxes”, said José Luis Carneiro.

Faced with the fires and cases of the rescue of bathers that occurred on Saturday and Sunday, the minister left a request for the preparation of security plans for next year: “I left an appeal that, in the preparation of the bathing security plan , we start to have some preparation of flexibility in security plans”, he pointed out.

This is because, he explained, in the case of Civil Protection it was necessary to “reactivate civil protection measures, namely protecting the forest against fires” with the reinforcement of human and material resources.

“The same will have to be done in the preparation of security plans, not only on our beaches but also in the security of our public spaces because this weekend alone we carried out checks at our airports on over 13,000 citizens who came from third countries to the European Union”, he said.

This “is reflected in workload levels for security forces and it is important that these security plans have the flexibility to adjust to the needs that have been detected”.