This proposal is contained in the resolution of the National Board of the BE, the highest body between conventions that met in Lisbon, a text which states that the BE will propose in parliament “an immediate increase in the National Minimum Wage to 900 euros in January 2024 and that this value is updated throughout the year taking into account inflation and the need to recover purchasing power”.

“[BE] also proposes that a negotiation process be initiated with the unions and structures representing workers in the Public Administration and the State's business sector, with a view to updating the salaries of Public Administration workers, taking into account the increase in essential goods and the new structure of family expenditure, which can also serve as a reference for the private sector”, reads the resolution distributed to journalists at the end of the meeting.

In the resolution, the BE also said that, at the beginning of October, it will present a package of measures to reduce the tax and social burden on families, "in particular by ensuring cross-sectional reductions in expenditure on transport, tuition fees, school supplies and other charges."

In the text, the bloc leaders highlighted that in Portugal “the average salary is not enough to cover basic family expenses, such as housing, higher education, transport, health and food costs”.

“Once again, the Government presents huge budget surpluses, far above the values foreseen in the State Budget. This is a sign of bad budget policy and mismanagement, as it translates into incorrect revenue forecasts and inadequate blocks to budgeting and execution of necessary expenses”, they criticize.

For BE, “correcting these deviations involves reducing the burden imposed by the State on families”.