Following the partnership by which the British School of Lisbon will develop a state-of-the-art campus within the Os Belenenses Restelo site, the Portuguese team visited BSL students to give them the opportunity to learn more about the club and life as a professional athlete.

The meeting began with a speech by BSL Headmaster Stephen Spicer, who introduced the historic legacy of the club Os Belenenses and its incredible record-breaking journey over the past five seasons to the students. Then, the club presented a football shirt signed by all the players which was followed by a Q&A session.

The Belenenses coach Bruno Dias thanked the children for their vision and their support for the club. The players emphasised the importance of hard work, focus and perseverance values that are shared by BSL, though the ambition of the Premier League remains.

"We believe that they could be athletes and fans of the club in the near future, so it's a fantastic recruitment base for Belenenses, as well as being associated with a credible institution and we're proud that they've also shown an interest in Belenenses. We hope that very quickly BSL will be able to call Restelo it's home", says the club's president Patrick Morais de Carvalho about this "fantastic synergy" between the two organisations.

The students at the British School of Lisbon were also presented with club scarves and a billboard signed by all the Belenenses players.

“The Os Belenenses team, and hearing how they have shown such strength and determination climbing back up to the second division, were an inspiration to the students. The students also greatly enjoyed asking the players a range of questions and the team was charming in their responses”, commented BSL Headmaster Stephen Spicer.

The British School of Lisbon is currently building its second campus on the Os Belenenses site, the first phase of which is expected to be completed by the 2024/25 academic year. Meanwhile, BSL and Os Belenenses are continuing to provide opportunities to bring their communities together.