The “TVDE Seguro” operation was carried out between Monday and Friday by the PSP and the GNR, which in a joint statement reported that they inspected 1,444 drivers working for individual passenger transport platforms in unmarked vehicles (TVDE), having registered 569 reports of administrative offence.

Among the main administrative offenses detected are 61 cases of drivers who did not have a written contract proving the employment relationship with the TVDE operator and nine cases in which the TVDE operator did not have a license to operate.

89 infractions relating to the organisation of work and the recording of driving and rest times were also detected, they added.

In 19 cases, the vehicles did not have the mandatory TVDE identification badge affixed and 11 of them did not even have this identifying element.

Thirteen vehicles were operating without the mandatory periodic inspection.

The PSP and GNR highlighted that the operation was carried out on “roads where there was a greater volume of vehicles used for this activity”.

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