This could help with anything from monthly parasite treatments to ensure the good health of the pet, sterilisation costs for those who, for whatever reason, do not qualify from other charities who help in this aspect, to reduce unwanted litters and also emergency/accident care costs if needed. This would help people who otherwise would have to either put their dogs into shelters when they are older or become sick, and it would also help those whose dogs have had unexpected injuries or illnesses, causing high vet costs which the family cannot pay.

It would also help the shelters as it would reduce the amount of elderly or sick dogs being taken to the shelters and it would decrease the litters of unexpected animals found in bins, which poorer people don't know how else to deal with.

We will raise the funds with kind donations as well as fundraising events. The money will only be dispersed upon receiving evidence of the illness, injury or actual vet bill itself, and there will be full transparency at all times for all people to see. Every time a donation from this group is made to help an animal it will be shared for the donators to see the evidence.

Please join as I wish to help and I do not want people to lose family due to finances. I look forward to seeing you join. You can see us on Facebook under Buddy's Legacy or via the website

Thank you!