The document, which was voted on by points, was approved during a private meeting of the municipal executive chaired by the social democrat Carlos Moedas, deserving the votes of the PCP, Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS/Livre coalition), Livre and BE.

The PS voted in favour of some of the points and abstained on others, allowing the municipal budget for 2024 to be made viable.

Lisbon’s municipal budget for 2024 has a value of €150 million for housing; €9.1 million for the health sector; €14.3 million for social support measures; 27.1 million for daycare centers and schools; €289 million for mobility; 62 million for the General Drainage Plan and €57 million to return IRS to Lisbon residents.

At the end of the session, speaking to the Lusa agency, the president of the Lisbon Council expressed satisfaction with the approval of the document.

“I’m very satisfied because it’s a record budget. There are €1.3 billion at stake for the care of the lives of Lisbon residents. Our top priority continues to be housing. In this budget we are investing 150 million in housing for 2024 alone, 41.5 percent above last year’s”, pointed out the mayor.

The Lisbon City Council’s budget proposal for 2024 is €1.3 billion, “quite in line” with this year’s, despite the management balance being “quite lower”, indicated the vice-president of the municipality, Filipe Anacoreta Correia, during the presentation of the document, on November 14th.

On the occasion, the person responsible for the Finance department stated that for next year, a “much lower” value is expected in terms of management balance, worth around €40 million, when in 2023 the estimated balance management was €130 million.

Of the revenue forecast for 2024, totaling €1,303 million, €999 million is expected in current revenue, €248 million in capital revenue and €56 million in other revenues.

According to the budget proposal that was approved, in terms of disaggregation of current revenue (€999 million), the largest shares refer to direct taxes, worth 541.3 million, namely 294 million IMT (Municipal Tax on Property Transmissions Tax), 130.3 million IMI (Municipal Property Tax), €99 million in pours and €18 million IUC (Single Circulation Tax).

In current revenue, €139.4 million are also expected in transfers, €117 million in sales of good and services, €110 million in fees, fines and other penalties, €74 million in other income and 17.2 million in property income.

Filipe Correia also explained that the budget for 2024 reflects the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), in which the global value of investment between 2022 and 2026 is 670 million, divided by 55 million in 2022, 126 million in 2023, 182 million in 2024, 196 million in 2025 and 111 million in 2026.

The application of community funds from the PRR requires effort from the municipality and “around 20 percent is the mobilisation of the council’s own efforts”, he added, indicating that of the €670 million, 538 million are from the PRR and 132 million are investment of the Câmera.

This is Lisbon’s third municipal budget presented by the PSD/CDS-PP leadership and according to the vice president of the Câmera, “reflects a set of concerns” on the city, including investment for housing for people.

The executive of the Lisbon Chamber, which is made up of 17 members, including seven elected officials from the “Novos Tempos” coalition (PSD/CDS-PP/MPT/PPM/Aliança) – the only ones with the assigned responsibilities – three from PS, three from Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS/Livre coalition), one from Livre and one from BE.

The municipal budget will also be submitted to the Lisbon Municipal Assembly for discussion and voting.