"Citizens who have changed their residence and want to change their voting location must update the address associated with their citizen card before January 10, 2024", said the CNE in a statement.

According to the commission, this step is essential to ensure that the address on the voter registration is the one shown on the voter's identity card.

According to the CNE, in cases where the voter resides in a national territory and has a citizen card, they can change their address 'online' on the ePortugal portal or, alternatively, in person at Lojas do Cidadão or at a branch of the Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado.

For those who live abroad and have a citizen card, in addition to having the possibility of changing their address online, they can also go to the Portuguese consulate or consular post in their area of residence.

The CNE also states that, in cases where the citizen has an identity card, this procedure can be carried out at a Loja do Cidadão or at a Portuguese consulate or consular post in their area of residence, in order to obtain a citizen card with the address updated.

All registered voters can consult the address shown in the electoral register at the respective census committees - parish councils, consulates or consular posts - or even online in the reserved area of the Voter Portal, the CNE also states.

The commission recalls that those registered abroad can vote by post or in person.

For those who wish to exercise their right to vote in person, they must express this intention - if they have not done so in previous elections for the Assembly of the Republic - with the census commission in their area of residence also before January 10th.

"If you do not choose to exercise your right to vote in person, you will receive documentation to exercise your right to vote by post at the address shown on the voter registration", the statement said.